The source module is used for filtering entries based on source, which is a universal metadata item that all entries have. The module is useful for looking at entries emanating from a specific location. Src can filter on IP and subnet.

The source module can translate/handle values specified as IPs, subnets, integers, base 16 integers, and 16 byte hashes. The entry source field is meant to be extremely flexible.


The source field can be used by the acceleration/indexing system to help speed up queries. However, only direct equality matches invoke the acceleration system. Filtering by subnet or using negation does not engage the accelerator.

Example Usage#

Eliminate entries coming from a specific source:

tag=syslog,apache,pcap src != | count by TAG | chart count by TAG

Select only those entries coming from a specific subnet:

tag=syslog,apache,pcap src ~ | count by SRC | chart count by SRC

Eliminate entries from a specific subnet

tag=syslog src !~

Select only entries with a src representing an integer ID

tag=syslog src == 1

Eliminate entries with a src representing a hex encoded ID

tag=syslog src != 0xfeadbeef

Search for entries with src as a hex string

tag=syslog src == 1234567890ABCDEF0011223344556677