Changelog for version 3.3.2#

Released Dec 18 2019#

Backend Changes#

  • Added ipfix search module

  • Significantly improved performance of ipfix search module

  • Added additional shortcut fields to ipfix search module

  • Updated SKU printing

  • Added NOW global keyword to searches to get current timestamp

  • Improved signal handling to better catch shutdown requests in more environments

  • Updated license loader handling when installing an Overwatch license

  • Updated handling of search time windowing for unique, first, and last modules

  • Included and offline replication service in debian respository

  • Included Amazon Kinesis ingester to Debian respository

  • Included Google PubSub ingester to Debian respository

  • Added compression to internal Gravwell logs during rotation

  • Added additional compression controls on stored data in the offline replication service.

  • Improved handling of body data in min and max operators in the stats module.

  • Added flag to keep body data on stats operations

  • Fixed handling of JSON extraction on single item arrays

  • Added config option to remove usage stats on certain license tiers

GUI Changes#

  • Fixed an issue where the table renderer was not scaling width

Ingester Changes#

  • Modified default config files to have consistent case

  • Added Netflow V9 support to the Netflow ingester

  • Updated ingest muxer to more evenly distribute entries to multiple indexers during low load

  • Added a regex router preprocessor to modify tags based on data at ingest