Changelog for version 3.0.0#

Released Jan 25th 2019#

User interface changes#

All New UI - Rebuit from the ground up!

  • Improved search workflow

  • Drag and drop dashboards with full screen support

  • Custom interface and chart themes for each user

  • Improved charts and data renderers

  • Improved entry display

  • Pretty print JSON, table auto columns, etc..

  • “Live” searches where data updates automatically

  • Better visibility into Gravwell cluster health

  • Logbot now greets you at login

  • 3D visualizations including a globe and heatmap

  • Improved FDG visualizations and controls

  • Downloadable charts

  • Better mobile support

  • Internationalization

  • Some French je ne sais quoi

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Producer/Consumer checking on queries to catch typos and bad value specifications earlier

  • Pipeline speedups and latency reductions

  • Especially when working with large Gravwell clusters

  • Autoextractors

  • regex - Complicated regular expressions can be predefined and attached to tags

  • CSV - CSV columns can be named and directly referenced

  • Fields - delimited data columns (tab, space, comma, bar, etc…) can be named and attached to a tag

  • Slice - complicated binary extractions and conversions can be predefined

  • Stats module allows for multiple math operations at the same time

  • Hot failover for replicated clusters

  • Resource lookup creation is even easier with the “-save” flag in table

  • All new IP module that allows for easy interaction with internet addresses extracted by other modules

  • Stability improvements with distributed frontends