Changelog for version 3.1.1#

Released May 20th 2019#

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Additional search modules can engage fulltext indexing

  • Fixed issue that allowed default well to point hot and cold storage to the same location

  • Fixed table renderer when using TAG, SRC, and TIMESTAMP

  • Fixed legends on charts with multiple categories

  • Webserver can now start with bad or missing well configurations

  • Added -update flag to table which allows merging results with existing resources

  • Optimized ageout between hot and cold when similar acceleration and compression is in use

  • Optimized AX system to only produce enumerated values that are actually used

  • Added netflow accelerator extractor

GUI changes#

  • Improved stability and reduced resource usage

  • Improved handling of zoom on maps

  • Fixed issue where dashboards were not saving orientation of bar charts

  • Fixed issue where bar charts could cover y-axis labels

  • Improved performance of history page