Changelog for version 3.2.0#

Released July 30 2019#

GUI changes#

  • Improved memory usage on graphs and dashboards with many tiles

  • Implemented fix to properly clean up after 3D tiles in dashboards to reduce CPU usage

  • Added the Point2Point vector renderer

  • Added a 3D spinning globe for point2point

  • Added a gauge renderer

  • Added a number renderer

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Fixed bug in grep -w word search that would cause inmproper filtering when data was surrounded by invalid characters

  • Scripts track queries so that GUI does not show reaped queries

  • Fixed issue in stats module where body was not populated correctly in some cases

  • Fixed issue where filters on IPFIX module was allowing entries through that it shouldn’t

  • Changed startup sequence to allow indexer and webserver to start with bad AX files, notification is thrown

  • Added strict flag -s to ipfix module

  • Fixed issue where queries were not cancelling immediately when user navigated away from them

  • Fixed issue where line numbers in error messages for scripts were incorrect

  • Added system to cancel a query if host does not have sufficient memory (reduces OOMs)

  • Fixed issue in searchagent where a timeout causes the script to retry to agressively