Changelog for version 4.0.3#

Released Oct 6 2020#

Web UI Changes#

  • Added timeframe locking so that users can lock a session to a specific timeframe.

  • Added ability to mark dashboards as Global.

  • Fixed issue where zooming into an overview graph wasn’t respecting maximum zoom level.

  • Fixed issue with adding tiles to a newly created dashboard would sometimes fail.

  • Fixed issue where JSON tree wasn’t rendering properly.

  • Added additional deployment info to Kit installation page.

  • Added progress indicators to kit installation.

  • Fixed issue where admins could not edit templates of other users.

  • Improved responsiveness of UI when lots of actionable targets are displayed.

  • Fixed issue where dashboard sharing state is lost after modifying the dashboard.

  • Fixed issue where table columns were not updating after a refresh.

  • Fixed issue where dialog would not fire on unsaved changes when leaving a script editor.

  • Improved rendering of table columns when there is one very wide column.

  • Improved behavior of timeframe memory across multiple searches

Backend Changes#

  • Enhanced Webserver logging when rejecting TLS certificates.

  • Fixed issue with IP module using the -or flag.

  • Improved the statup performance of indexers with very large data sets.

  • Improved hinting on charts when stats modules specify specify math bucketing timeframes.

  • Enabled indexers to start in a degraded replication state for better disaster survival.

  • Fixed UserFile API to allow for setting all fields during creation.

  • Fixed issue where stats module wasn’t hinting properly when using the DATA keyword.

  • Fixed issue where saving a search using the raw renderer caused re-attach commands to fail.

  • Fixed issue where DATA keyword could not be used for charts

  • Fixed issue where Author field for a playbook was not properly saved

  • Added Backup and Restore APIs.

  • Added access to Backup and Restore functions to search scripting system.

  • Fixed issue that prevented setting dashboard groups on dashboard creation.

  • Upgraded Golang runtime to 1.15.2

  • Added Archive download format for all searches.

  • Added API to import search archives.

  • Added ability to recovery from corrupted indexes without halting an active search.

Ingesters and Ingest Library Changes#

  • Added ability to bind to named sockets on Federator.

  • Added MSGraph ingester to interact with the Microsoft Graph API.


  • Added drop pre-processor module.