Changelog for version 4.1.5#

Released March 31 2021#

Backend Changes#

  • Added the transaction module

  • Modified webserver cache code to log accesses to cached remote resources.

  • Fixed corner case with gauge module argument parsing.

  • Fixed problem with enumerated value hinting when using the syslog module and fulltext acceleration.

  • Fixed rare failure state that led to replication stalling.

  • Fixed bug in shard recovery code that could lead to crashes.

  • Added code to invalidate all existing sessions when Gravwell is restored from a backup.

Frontend Changes#

  • Added Backup/Restore feature for admins.

  • Made various improvements to style and usability.

  • Fixed a style issue related to starting a new search before an old search is finished.

  • Fixed an issue with running searches over Unix timestamp range.

  • Fixed an issue where search suggestions wouldn’t show in some situations.

  • Fixed a display issue with collapsing charts.

  • Fixed an issue where zoomed time frames were lost on search relaunch.

  • Added support for displaying new lines and tabs in table cells.

Ingesters & API Changes#

  • Added IPMI ingester.

  • Added HEC-compatible receiver to HTTP ingester.

  • Added Ingester-Name field to ingester configs, to provide a user-friendly name for the ingester.

  • Added fields to render module response types that indicate if the search exceeded storage limits.