Changelog for version 3.3.5#

Released Feb 4 2020#

GUI Changes#

  • Added additonal API and info on resource pages, you can now see the pieces of text and CSV resources

  • Fixed issue where empty tooltips would float on the table renderer

  • Added ability to apply labels to all autoextractors during a file upload

  • Fixed issue with overviews and linking on live dashboards

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed bug where heavily loaded indexers could cause webserver timeouts

  • Added Gravwell custom load balancer for distributed webserver systems

  • load balancer supports ephemeral webservers

  • Fixed issue where scheduled script API returned a 403 on privelege changes

  • Fixed issue where license handler failed to notify GUI when not distributing Overwatch Licenses

  • Improved error messages for lookup module

  • Added ability to perform multiple extractions from single lookup on lookup module

  • Updated searchagent to better handle cookies when operating through a proxy or load balancer

  • Fixed issue where Federator would erroneously check client certs

  • Updated datastore to trim client addresses if they have not been seen recently

  • Allow webserver/GUI to delete notifications from indexers

SOAR changes#

  • Added GUI notifications when a SOAR script fails

  • Exposed SOAR status values to SOAR engine

Ingester Changes#

  • Updated configuration parser library to better handle environment imports for more types

  • Added Amazon ICS processing plugins to the zeek container

  • Updated Zeek container to use Zeek 3.0.0

  • Updated reimport to enable rebasing data timestamps