Changelog for version 3.1.3#

Released June 16 2019#

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Added multifile ingester

  • Ported pcapFile ingester over to pcapgo

  • Added additional buffer API to file ingesters

  • Fixed issue where entropy module was not maintaining other enumerated values

  • Fixed issue where some stats modules were not correctly hinting produced EVs

  • Upaded anko and eval modules to be smarter about produced and consumed EVs

  • fixed issue where strict mode on the json module wasn’t activating in some cases

  • Fixed issue where cluster configurations were not hinting produced EVs to all indexers

  • updated cluster hot-failover when running with indexed replication stores

  • updated ingesters to append default port to args

  • Added bulk history export to CLI for admins

  • Added to pure tag stage to replication system for better recovery on total indexer failure

  • Fixed issue where malformed packets could cause packet indexer to stop indexing

  • Updated notification for full disks to be smarter about shared storage

  • Added ability specify search time bucketing in days and weeks

GUI changes#

  • Fixed issue where adding an autoextractor via the GUI was not saving the Args correctly