Changelog for version 3.1.0#

Released May 21st 2019#

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Fulltext indexer enabled

  • Enabled API to check autoextractors on install for validation

  • SSH, SFTP, and Telnet modules added to scripting system

  • Net package added to scripting system

  • Multicharting to allow for charting multiple value categories and keys on a single chart

  • Abs search module

  • table supports -csv flag to save results as csv

  • Added cache control headers to webserver

  • Restricted TLS algorithms on license upload page for HTTPS

  • stats search module is much more flexible, allowing for dynamic keying

  • Fixed issue in search agent when switching from http to https

  • Table condenses more intelligently when extra columns exist

  • Fixed issue in syslog search module to handle poorly formated syslog

  • ICMP packet cracker

  • Packet cracker can now handle VLAN tagging and MPLS headers

  • Added config flag to disable loading potentially dangerous libraries in scripts

  • Scripts can now create notifications

  • Added -w flag to grep module for word matching

  • Added ipexists module for high speed ip membership checks on very large sets

GUI changes#

  • Updated AX configuration page to validate AX modules prior to installation

  • Integrated editor for Scripting

  • Added barcharts (because pie charts are apprently bad… MMKAY)

  • Pointmaps have improved tooltips

  • Fixed issue where dashboards where not properly setting timeframe

  • Improved transition from license uploader to full gravwell GUI

  • Fixed issue where query error did not recover on websocket

  • Improved FDG to handle additional nodes

  • Notifications now support links

  • Fixed issue where rerunning modified search from stats page didn’t modify the search

  • Improved rendering with very long text


  • Fixed imports on singleFile to allow for go get installation

  • Enhanced ingest transport to enable much faster ingest