Changelog for version 3.2.1#

Released Aug 20 2019#

GUI changes#

  • Fixed memory leak in charts

  • Fixed CPU leak when using 3D charts

  • Optimized tables for better performance with many rows

  • Pixel pushing with full screen dashboards to optimize usage of space

  • Fixed issue where resizing a tile on a dashboard wasn’t resizing a chart

  • Fixed issuewhere cpy and paste wasn’t grabbing dates and timestamps

  • Fixed draw issue on toggling zoom multiple times on a tile

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Added the words search module

  • Fixed issue in cluster mode where the stats module was producing duplicated values in the body of the entry

  • Updated Cloud Archive API to provide additonal APIs for tag update and retrieval

  • Updated the packet processor to handle 802.11 info SSID values

  • Update the Guage renderer to allow for setting negative boundaries and overriding the label

  • Updated lookup module handling of malformed CSV files to be more resilient

  • Updated replication system to track mtime on shards to reduce CPU overhead

  • Updated replication system to recover from corrupted shards

  • Added Split module

  • Updated unique module to better handle bucketing of time

  • Added an accelerator for IPFix

  • Enhanced IPFix to with simplified accessors and reduced CPU usage

  • Fixed issue with the AX module that caused poor handling of names with spaces

  • Updated Guage renderer to better handle non-temporal mode

  • Updated accelerator code to better handle and notify when an indexer runs out of disk space

  • Enhanced accelerator index engine to perform better on very large indexes with dense results