Changelog for version 4.2.1#

Released August 13 2021#

Frontend Changes#

  • Users can now define persistent custom timeframes and modify the order of the timeframe picker menu.

  • Improved selection within data explorer timeframe overview: user selection now has start/end labels, duration of selection is shown, and times are now displayed in user’s locale.

  • Ownership and permissions of existing autoextractors are now displayed in the data explorer extractor picker dialog.

  • Fixed issue where data explorer didn’t always wait for long-running searches to complete.

  • Queries executed by the data explorer will no longer appear in the history page.

Backend Changes#

  • Added truncate module.

  • Added total operator to stats module.

  • Fixed corner case where uploading an expired but valid license would throw an error rather than checking the Gravwell license server for an update.

  • Fixed some irregularities in autoextractor parsing.

  • Fixed case where certain log messages were being dropped due to over-long MsgID fields.

  • AX validation API now checks parameters more thoroughly.

  • Improved handling of long-running requests in httpPost and httpGet anko functions.

  • Added structured data component to Gravwell logs.

  • Tweaked confidence levels for data explorer field extraction suggestions to make sure “more specific” data types are always at the top.

Ingester, CLI, and Library Changes#

  • Fixed bug where the CLI could not download certain dormant queries.