Changelog for version 5.4.1#

Released 12 October 2023#

New Additions#

  • Added the ability to enable/disable Alerts.

  • Added empty array index syntax to the json module.

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue with poor performance for large entries in Query Studio.

  • Fixed an issue where the Library and History in the Query Studio side menu would not populate the query bar.

  • Fixed an issue where an Extractor with empty parameters could not be edited.

  • Fixed an issue where Schedule Searches would prompt for unsaved changes when no change had been made.

  • Fixed an issue where Templates would not prompt for unsaved changes before exiting.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to jump around when editing a variable in a Template query.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed assets to be created with a whitespace-only name.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed invalid characters to be typed in for Font Size preferences.

  • Prevented passwords from being auto-populated on user forms and preferences.

Backend Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue with some RPM packages missing postinstall service restart command.

  • Fixed an issue where preferences would be returned for deleted users.

  • Fixed an issue where eval provided invalid acceleration hints.

  • Fixed an issue where taint would not respect the -a flag and would not drop on a failed match.

  • Fixed an issue where printf would drop instead of printing <nil> when an EV does not exist.

  • Fixed an issue where quoted words were incorrectly interpreted as flags.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented queries from completing if float resulted in NaN, +Inf, or -Inf.

  • Fixed a special case for time math in the eval module.

  • Fixed some formatting issues related to data explorer.

  • Improved http cache handler to better limit caching for tiles and kits.

  • Improved ax processing performance for csv.

Ingester Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue with ingesters not reporting listeners when pushing configs.