Changelog for version 4.1.3#

Released February 10 2021#

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed issue where split -d "\\" (split on backslash) did not work.

  • Enhanced toInt function in scripts: can now parse hex values.

  • Enhanced winlog module: now properly handles EventSourceName.

  • Enhanced render modules: should now start returning results sooner during long-running queries.

Frontend Changes#

  • Fixed issue that caused long running stackgraphs to fail to render.

  • Fixed issue where enumerated values could fail to render on very fast queries.

  • Fixed issue where query library was launched using a custom timeframe would not preserve the query string.

  • Fixed issue where table columns could stick across queries.

  • Fixed issue where administrator view of query history for non-admin users would fail to render.

  • Enhanced the logic around showing websocket errors when users sessions expire.

Ingesters & Ingest Library Changes#