Changelog for version 4.0.2#

Released Sept 11 2020#

Web UI Changes#

  • Fixed issue where Dashboard upgrade dialog was reappearing

  • Fixed issue where newly installed “Kits Details” page wasn’t rendering properly on first load

  • Fixed issue where multiple changes between relative time searchs and time range searches weren’t updating

  • Fixed issue where invalid UTF-8 characters in a playbook would cause the playbook saves to fail

  • Fixed issue where refreshing the Kits page would remove kit name from page

  • Fixed issue where actionable actions page wasn’t updating preview

  • Fixed issue where launching search from a template displayed wrong time range

  • Fixed issue where propagating resources from an overwatch webserver used the wrong webserver domain

  • Added numbercard renderer

  • Improved interface to Kit configuration macros

  • Added better link support in playbooks

Backend Changes#

  • Improved handling of Webserver startup when Datastore is not available

  • Fixed issue where a corrupted Index would cause queries to fail, they now failover to a non-accelerated mode

  • Added enumerated value name reassignment to KV search module

  • Fixed issue in words search module where the -or flag wasn’t being respected

  • Improved handling of timeouts to datastore

  • Improved handling of kit installation for admin users

  • Improved startup logic on indexers when no replication peers are available

  • Added comments to searches

  • Changed HTTP response codes from 406 to 400 when provided parameters are incorrect

  • Improved error messages on gauge renderer

  • Improved handling of slow connections between webserver and indexer when pushing large resources

  • Improved handling of AX module in cluster configuration when some indexers are missing the target tag

Ingesters & Ingest Library Changes#


  • Released new Bandura Kit

  • Fixed issue where docker containers in the Docker hub were not being tagged correctly

  • Launched new forum