Changelog for version 3.1.5#

Released July 16 2019#

GUI changes#

  • Improved performance and reduced memory usage

  • Fixed issue where logging in and out repeatedly would consume excessive CPU

  • Improved table renderer to allow for filtering columns and adjusting column widths

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Improved windowing of stats and math functions to improve performance on queries over very large time ranges

  • Updated replication system to sync tags before starting to ensure tag values are consistent after failures or configuration changes

  • Updated indexer to exit gracefully when waiting on replication sync after failure

  • Added authentication system to HTTP ingester

  • Updated scheduled search system to clean up data store after deleting a scheduled search

  • Updated AX module to show available names on error

  • Fixed issue where downloading a search that is still running could cause truncated results

  • Fixed issue where reported CPU usage was wrong when system is idling

  • Updated index transaction system to disable transactions when running with very low memory

  • Fixed issue where performing a “!=” inline filter with the JSON package would not filter correctly

  • Updated bad error on installers when installing with no crash-handler

  • Updated eval to allow for the “in”

  • Fixed issue where index would slowly grow when using replication

  • Updated replication system to replicate indexes

  • Optimized Replication system to dramatically reduce the time required to restore a failed indexer

  • Fixed issue where sort would incorrectly throw an error when the pipline is closed by limit

  • Fixed issue where cluster deployments could occaisionally fail to close failed searches

  • Improved performance of cluster deployments with large number of indexers