Changelog for version 5.3.2#

Released 30 June 2023#

New Additions#

  • Added new interface to visually explain why a user has access to a tag.

  • CBAC can now specify tags using globbing patterns.

  • Improved mass tag selection in CBAC menus.

  • Trim search modules can now use EVs as arguments.

  • Join module was renamed to concat.

  • The fuse got a new pushpop feature.

  • Added additional software version information on License page.

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed issue where logging in could briefly display the wrong theme.

  • Fixed issue where logging in using a local account on a system configured for SSO could cause an automatic logout.

  • Improved ordering of chart legends.

  • Fixed issue where tag drop down on extractors was confusing when an extractor exists for a tag.

  • Fixed rendering issue on data ingestion calendar when default well is disabled.

  • Fixed issue where systems and health disk display would refresh and clear filters.

  • Fixed issue where non-admin users homepage preference was not saved appropriately.

  • Fixed issue where setting a dashboard as a homepage would not save properly.

  • Fixed issue where users could not snooze or delete individual notifications.

  • Fixed issue where “Build a Kit” overflows cell on toolbar.

  • Fixed issue where some Systems and Health components failed to render with partial capabilities.

  • Fixed issue where incorrect error message was displayed when saving an actionable.

  • Fixed issue where warning was not properly displayed on change password page.

Backend Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Improved extractor API performance when many tags are present.

  • Improved performance of flow debugger when very large payloads are present.

  • Fixed issue where some boolean expressions in the eval module would fail to engage acceleration properly.

  • Fixed issue where scheduled searches were not returning proper LastSearchIDs.

  • Fixed issue where capability information API could fault.

  • Improved behavior of Email system when email servers advertise StartTLS but do not have valid certificates.

Ingester Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Improved the categorization of the Ingest capability.