Changelog for version 3.2.3#

Released Sept 24 2019#

GUI Changes#

  • Set limits on results zooming to enforce resolution limits

  • Persistent search results now differentiate between human initiated and SOAR initiated

  • Fixed drawing of overlay controls in tiles when missing options

  • Improved drawing of visualizations on light themes

  • Clarified result count on results windows when zooming

  • Map tile requests now to go internal map tile proxy

  • Added ability to download search sripts

  • Added ability to toggle visibility of Persistent searches based on what generated the search

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed issue in stats module where improper condenser could be selected

  • Fixed issue where using SRC in table would display a nil

  • Integrated map tile proxy

  • Add Map-Tile-Server="http://your.tile.server/tiles" to global gravwell.conf section to set map tile server

  • Integrated map tile cache

  • Updated Client to better display errors when running scripts

  • Added io package to scripting builtins

  • Added -ignoreFloat to fulltext accelerator

  • Optimized fulltext indexer to dramatically reduce memory usage and increase throughput

Ingester Changes#

  • Added quiet installer options to windows file follower installer

  • Added better failure logging for Windows ingesters

  • Added Context APIs in ingest repository to support cancellation

  • Fixed config file for windows file follower to support windows editors

  • Updated timegrinder to make format overrides easier to use