Changelog for version 4.1.6#

Released April 15 2021#

Backend Changes#

  • Improved error handling on AX when using a fields module so that errors are caught earlier.

  • Fixed dump module so that entries are emitted in the proper order when using a time component.

  • Fixed issue in heatmap and pointmap where they were not properly hinting on consumed keys.

  • Added SQL support in scripted anko searches for Mysql/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and OracleDB.

  • Added automatic license update.

  • Upgraded to Go 1.15.11.

  • Added a mail queue so that alerts which send email won’t fail immediately if the mailserver is not reachable.

Frontend Changes#

  • Fixed issue in dashboards where “&” was rendered incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue where dashboards created with very old versions of gravwell would fail to detect time range.

  • Fixed issue where refreshing the kit management interface could cause the kit cover images to not render.

  • Improved the behavior of search bar hiding when focus is moved.

Ingesters & API Changes#

  • Added cleanup code on ingester caches to remove failed merge files on startup.

  • Added flags to set custom timestamp on regexFile ingester.

  • Added configurable poll rate and multiple targets in a single configuration block for the IPMI ingester.