Changelog for version 5.3.4#

Released 25 August 2023#

New Additions#

  • iplookup can now handle ip/subnet and ip/netmask definitions.

  • Global email configuration now allows anonymous relays.

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where a flow could be lost if the backend crashed or upgraded during a debug run.

  • Improved performance when opening a flow.

  • Improved performance when switching between Node Palette / Node Inspector / References in a flow.

Backend Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Added limits to entry counts in the table renderer.

  • Fixed an issue with parsing empty inner queries in compound queries.

  • Fixed an issue with handling invalid queries around constraints.

  • Fixed various autocomplete edge cases.

  • Fixed an issue with query completion suggestions not handling quotes correctly for EV names with special characters.

  • Improved free memory accounting for docker containers.