Changelog for version 4.2.4#

Released Oct 7 2021#

Frontend Changes#

  • Query Studio and Data Explorer out of beta.

  • Fixed issue where numbercard renderer was not sizing cleanly.

  • Fixed issue where search terms in kits, resources, and other assets were not applying to names and descriptions.

  • Fixed issue in renderer settings where some buttons did not activate.

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed issue where entropy module was not respecting time windows.

  • Fixed issue where replication stores in hot-failover mode were not properly translating tags when an indexer failed.

  • Fixed issue where momentary connection interruptions between webserver and indexer could cause tags to not-populate.

  • Updated the ID used for packed items in a kit so that rebuilds are consistent.

  • Fixed issue where deeply nested macros with quotes were evaluated strangely.

  • Updated SAML SSO system to sign requests.

  • Fixed issue with complex stats operations not forcing non-temporal mode.

Ingester, CLI, and Library Changes#

  • Added plugin preprocessor.