Changelog for version 4.2.3#

Released Sept 28 2021#

Frontend Changes#

  • Query Studio now remembers chart settings between searches.

  • Fixed an issue where Query Studio was inserting newlines into text upon line wrapping.

  • Fixed an issue where table views did not update correctly when changing the timescale.

  • Fixed an issue that cleared filter dropdown menus in Data Explorer when no results are available.

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed an issue where dump -t used the wrong column for timestamp inference.

  • Fixed an issue where structured data in syslog failed to extract if the r-value contained an = character.

  • Fixed how temporal mode is engaged when using complex stats module operations.

  • Fixed issue where the winlog module was not processing data fields named Name correctly.

  • Updated how tags are populated from indexers; failed updates no longer reset tags.

Ingester, CLI, and Library Changes#

  • Fixed how the Windows Event Ingester shutdown works to improve reliability.