Changelog for version 5.0.5#

Released July 28 2022#

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where kit labels would show up multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue where storedSize/ingestedSize showed incorrect values in storage summary.

  • Updated wording for labels and tooltips in systems page.

  • Fixed end date on date coverage.

  • Fixed an issue where custom time formats were not respected in “launch” menu.

  • Fixed an issue where data explorer would stall on binary data.

  • Fixed an issue where old errors would not clear in Data Ingester.

  • Fixed an issue where zoom warning would unnecessarily show in Query Studio.

  • Fixed an issue where the “ignore changes” button does not discard changes to flow.

  • Clarified a misleading warning message after failed flow runs.

  • Fixed a rare situation where in-progress flows are reset to last saved state.

  • Fixed an issue where the kit archive was displaying licences in an unreadable way.

  • Fixed an issue with dashboards, where live update button/toasts are incorrect following settings changes.

  • Fixed an issue in query studio, where the search timeframe doesn’t update until click after zoom.

  • Fixed an issue where Data Ingester errors did not clear when typing new values.

  • Provided locales while instantiating Vega View.

  • Fixed an issue where user preferences could be overwritten.

New Additions#

  • Simplified interaction with email input for flow node configuration.

  • Added the SplunkQuery node.

Backend Changes#

New Features#

  • Added the Splunk Query node to Flows.

  • Added CC and BCC fields to the Flows email node.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where the “other” group in charts is calculated incorrectly when using “count” over a user specified window size.

  • Fixed an issue where the Stored data counter in the Systems and Health page was incorrect. This value now represents the entire stored amount of data on disk, including acceleration data.

  • Fixed an issue in Search Agent that could cause the connection to incorrectly close.

  • Fixed an issue in the Syslog module that caused a crash when extracting certain malformed syslog data.

  • Fixed an issue where PDF outputs in Flows could not be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Fixed an issue in the geoip module that failed to error when the default resource was not present.

Ingester Changes#

  • Added the CSV preprocessor router.