Changelog for version 5.1.2#

Released 3 November 2022#

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where non-admins were not able to pivot on actionables shared to them.

  • Fixed innerWidth->innerHeight typo.

  • Fixed an issue where Overview Charts in live searches were not updating as expected.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking listeners on topology would 404.

  • Sorted field stats within stats & data analysis.

  • Changed FileMetadata#downloadURL to use GUID instead of ThingUUID.

  • Re-calculated which row nav to show when table renderer is resized.

  • Hid details pane when not viewing entries.

  • Made dashboards a regular navigation item.

  • Fixed awkward wording of a warning message.

  • Used correct children remote address, corrected protocol->ip label.

  • Removed collapsing field to match backend changes.

  • Fixed problem displaying macros for kits.

  • Formatted dates with prepending 0 for single digit months to avoid Moment bug.

  • Modified to show ingested, not stored, in well status.

  • Fixed a problem that caused a zoom chart to expand infinitely in dashboard tiles.

  • Maintained how tree is expanded in details pane.

  • Fixed problem with opening actionable URL in a modal.

  • Fixed issue where breadcrumbs did not update when switching between playbooks.

  • Fixed filters toolbar that was broken right after login.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard tiles didn’t show scheduled query’s name.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboards from different owners aren’t listed at Favorites Manager modal.

  • Fixed an issue where tiles permissions were not updated visually when they are applied.

New Additions#

  • Remembered settings for defaults. Made editor smaller on large screens.

  • Closed tooltips when element has mouseout.

  • Added doc strings for ResourceGet and ResourceSet nodes.

Backend Changes#

  • Fixed issue where the entity intelligence system could race during API calls.

New Features#

  • The File Follower ingester now handles windows EVTX records.

  • Added Read/Update Resource nodes in Flows.

  • Added page orientation options in the PDF flows node.

  • Added an optional Icon URL in the Mattermost flows node.

  • Improved performance when using the eval module in clustered environments.

  • Added URL unescaping to the unescape module.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue in the Windows File Follower that prevented the service from exiting if it could not connect to an indexer.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the regex module from correctly interpreting numeric enumerated values.

Ingester Changes#

  • Added support for GCC Government, GCC High Government, and DOD Government in Office 365 ingester.

Other Changes#