Changelog for version 3.0.1#

Released Feb 7th 2019#

User interface changes#

  • System stats can be filtered by well, device, etc.

  • Improved custom time-range selection on queries.

  • Fixed bug when editing resources.

  • Scheduled search history now displays properly.

  • Better handling of session token refreshing.

  • Changes to dashboard settings now save properly in all instances.

  • Fixed pointmap 3D globe labels.

  • Reduced request load on frontend for efficiency.

  • Fixed issue where time duration on scheduled searches was allowed to be zero

Backend and ingester changes#

  • HTTP POST Ingester added.

  • stats module supports ‘over’ option e.g. stats mean(foo) over 5m.

  • hexlify module can now convert multiple enumerated values at once and supports the ‘as’ operator, e.g. hexlify foo as foohex bar as barhex.

  • Charts now do a better job displaying results while the search is still running.

  • Fixed bug in stats graph.

  • Fixed some math module string->number conversion bugs.

  • Ingester timeouts are now less spammy in indexer logs.

  • Accelerator engine can be set per-well via Accelerator-Engine-Override config option.

  • Fixed potential panic on ingester when shutting down

  • updated subnet module to allow assignment

  • REST API is now more RESTful

  • Added checks to identify when queries use enumerated values that are not produced

  • Fixed missallignment on overview stats in search