Changelog for version 3.0.2#

Released Feb 21st 2019#

User interface changes#

  • Bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Resource uploads

  • Logout and Logout all

  • Schedule search shortcuts

  • Chart timezones

  • Dashboard relaunch efficiency improved

  • Warnings about insecure HTTP protocol usage

  • System info pages only show mount paths used by Gravwell

Backend and ingester changes#

  • Updated subnet module to be consistent with IP module

  • Added proper IPv6 support

  • Installers now default to HTTP rather than self-signed HTTPS

  • Users are warned about insecure HTTP and provided resources for proper certificate management

  • Updated HTTP ingester includes automatic timestamp extraction

  • Updated version control to notfiy users of new versions

  • Fixed pointmap renderer to better handle manually provided lat and long

  • Enabled TAG as a chart argument

  • autoextractor system

  • CSV, fields, regex, and binary modules can be used

  • Fixed overview stats on searches that could shift timestamps

  • Added ability to perform inline filtering using the slice module

  • Updated chart renderer to render results as search is running

  • Updated the docker containers to disable services based on environment variable

  • Makes it easier to dynamically configure distributed clusters in Docker, kubernetes, OpenShift, etc.

  • Update sendMail scripting API to allow for sending unencrypted SMTP mail