Changelog for version 5.1.3#

Released 2 December 2022#

Web UI Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where live update interval form value is ignored in the query studio.

  • Fixed an issue where macro edit page save button is incorrectly disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where table would lock browser in loop.

  • Fixed an issue with suggestion selection on label input.

  • Fixed an issue where details pane total count was wrong after changing ax.

  • Fixed an issue where some ingester configs would be labelled as ‘listener’ configs.

  • Fixed an issue where flows could not be duplicated by non-admins if the flow was global.

  • Prevented context submenu from being cutoff in Query Studio view.

  • Fixed an issue where the authenticated user’s name would not appear on login.

  • Made granularity disclaimer conditional for charts.

  • Re-styled extra row data (EVs, tag, etc.) within details pane.

  • Fixed an issue where macro saved but did not return to the /macros list.

  • Fixed an issue where a Search Terminated error could be displayed twice.

  • Fixed an issue where Flow debug rows only partially highlight.

  • Fixed an issue where kit archive rebuild was not populating cover / banner / icon images.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicated tab would close search on source tab.

  • Fixed an issue where disk list form filters are reset.

  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard settings doesn’t show the PermissionsStatus component for Actionables.

  • Fixed an issue where user couldn’t save toggles in dashboard settings.

  • Fixed an issue where zooming on a dashboard can create infinite re-launching loop.

  • Fixed an issue where flow forms wouldn’t emit updates.

  • Fixed an issue where “Unsaved Flow” marker would show on saved flows.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard overview tile wouldn’t update on live search.

  • Saved detailed view sizing and view type in preferences.

  • Added clarifying language to backup page.

New Additions#

  • Renamed Query & Dev Studio to Query Studio.

  • Added preview timeframe and made it the default.

  • Added launch search button in Query Studio.

  • Added “clear error” buttons to Scripts.

  • Added “Backfilled Scheduling” option to flows.

  • Allowed pinning templates to favorites.

  • Displayed a ‘show more’ button for large entries in table.

  • Allowed users to change dashboard default variables before launching.

  • Added tooltip to show full value for long stats labels.

Backend Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue that misreported free disk space in the Systems and Health view.

  • Fixed an issue that hid entries when using the winlog module in Data Explorer.

Other Changes#

  • Fixed an issue with kit config macros when sharing kits.