Flow Storage Read#

This node, in conjunction with the Flow Storage Write node enables users to persist data across different runs of a flow. Every flow can have multiple key-value maps, which persist from execution to execution. This can be used to record the last time an event occurred, or track how many times a particular hostname has been seen, etc.

The Flow Storage Read node pulls elements back out of a key-value map. The Flow Storage Write node stores items into a key-value map.


  • Map Name, required: The name of the map to access. This can be almost anything, such as “state” or “previously seen systems”.

  • Items: a collection of keys to extract from the specified map. They will be placed into the payload with the same name.


The node will insert an item into the output payload for each key extracted from the map. Thus if the value “foo” was extracted from a map, the outgoing payload will contain an item named “foo”.


Refer to the Flow Storage Write node documentation for an example showing the use of both nodes.