Email Node#

The Email node sends an email message to a list of one or more recipients, with optional attachments.


  • Sender, required: This is the address which will appear in the “From” header of the email.

  • Recipients, required: The email will be sent to this address or addresses.

  • CC: An optional list of CC recipients.

  • BCC: An optional list of BCC recipients.

  • Subject, required: The subject line of the email.

  • Body, required: The body text of the email message. Enter a string manually, or select a variable containing suitable text. The Text Template node provides powerful tools for formatting text in the flow.

  • Attachments: An optional array of items to add as attachments on the email. The Email node makes a best-effort attempt at determining the appropriate file type on the attachment. Consider using the output of the PDF node as an attachment.


The node adds nothing to the payload.


The screenshot below shows a complex flow using the Email node:

The flow runs several Gravwell queries and also gathers information about ingesters, then uses the Stack Merge node to join all the results together. It then feeds those results into the PDF node, which generates a file named gravwell_daily_report.pdf.

The Email node is configured to send a message from to The email’s subject will be set to the contents of the payload variable flow.Name, which corresponds to the name of the flow e.g. “Daily Report Flow”. The body is set to a simple static string, and the previously-generated PDF file is included as an attachment.