Ingester Info Node#

This node injects information about currently-connected Gravwell ingesters into the payload. This is useful when generating reports or monitoring cluster health.


  • Output Variable Name: the name to use for results in the payload, default “gravwell_ingesters”.


The node inserts an array (named gravwell_ingesters by default) into the payload containing information about the ingesters currently active in the Gravwell cluster. Each element in the array is a structure containing the following fields:

  • Name: the name of the ingester, e.g. “Federator”.

  • RemoteAddress: the IP address of the ingester, e.g. “tcp://”.

  • Count: the number of entries sent by the ingester since connecting.

  • Size: the number of bytes sent by the ingester since connecting.

  • Uptime: how long the ingester has been connected.

  • Tags: an array of strings representing the tags the ingester has negotiated.

  • Version: the version of the ingester.

  • UUID: the ingester’s UUID.

  • State: a structure containing additional information about the ingester, including any other ingesters which are connected to it in the case of the Federator.


The following example formats the ingester info, packs it into a PDF, and sends the PDF via email:

The Text Template node is configured with the following template:

Connected Ingesters:
{{ range .gravwell_ingesters }}
{{ .Name }} {{ .Version }} {{ .RemoteAddress }} {{ .Uptime }} {{ .UUID }}
{{ end }}

The resulting PDF looks like this: