Mattermost Message Node#

The Mattermost Message node sends a message to a Mattermost channel.


  • Webhook URL, required: a Mattermost webhook for the server you wish to send to.

  • Title: set a title for the message.

  • Message Text, required: the body of the message you wish to send.

  • Mattermost Username: the webhook is configured to send messages with a default username; this setting will override that default.

  • Mattermost Channel: the webhook is configured to send messages to a default channel; this setting overrides the channel to which the message is sent.

  • Icon URL: set an icon URL for message post.

  • Fallback: a plaintext summary of the message, for display in app notifications.

  • Color: a hex code color to use as the left border color for the message.


The node does not modify the payload


This example gathers information about currently-connected ingesters, formats that information into a text representation, and posts it to a Mattermost channel.

The Text Template node is configured with the following template:

Connected Ingesters:
{{ range .gravwell_ingesters }}
{{ .Name }} {{ .Version }} {{ .RemoteAddress }} {{ .Uptime }} {{ .UUID }}
{{ end }}

The output in Mattermost looks like this: