Indexer Info Node#

This node injects information about the current Gravwell indexers into the payload. This is useful when generating reports or monitoring cluster health.


  • Output Variable Name: the name to use for results in the payload, default “gravwell_indexers”.


The node inserts an array (named gravwell_indexers by default) into the payload containing information about the indexers currently active in the Gravwell cluster. Each element in the array is a structure containing the following fields:

  • Name: the name of the indexer, e.g. “indexer1:9404”.

  • UUID: the UUID of the indexer.

  • TotalEntries: the total number of entries stored on the indexer.

  • TotalBytes: the total number of bytes stored on the indexer.

  • Wells: an array of structures containing information about individual wells (see below).

The Wells array contains structures with the following fields:

  • Name: the name of the well, e.g. default.

  • Entries: the number of entries in this well.

  • Bytes: the number of bytes in this well.


The following example formats the indexer info, packs it into a PDF, and sends the PDF via email:

The Text Template node is configured with the following template:

Connected Indexers:
{{ range .gravwell_indexers }}
{{ .Name }} ({{ .UUID }}): {{ .TotalBytes }} bytes, {{ .TotalEntries }} entries
{{ end }}

The resulting PDF looks like this: