Session Ingester#

The session ingester is a specialized tool used to ingest larger, single records. The ingester listens on a given port and upon receiving a connection from a client it will aggregate any data received into a single entry.

This enables behavior such as indexing all of your Windows executable files:

for i in `ls /path/to/windows/exes`; do cat $i | nc 7777 ; done

Basic Configuration#

The session ingester is driven via command line parameters rather than a persistent configuration file.

Usage of ./session:
  -bind string
        Bind string specifying optional IP and port to listen on (default "")
  -clear-conns string
        comma separated server:port list of cleartext targets
  -ingest-secret string
        Ingest key (default "IngestSecrets")
  -max-session-mb int
        Maximum MBs a single session will accept (default 8)
  -pipe-conns string
        comma separated list of paths for named pie connection
  -tag-name string
        Tag name for ingested data (default "default")
  -timeout int
        Connection timeout in seconds (default 1)
  -tls-conns string
        comma separated server:port list of TLS connections
  -tls-private-key string
        Path to TLS private key
  -tls-public-key string
        Path to TLS public key
  -tls-remote-verify string
        Path to remote public key to verify against