Controlling System Resource Usage#

This section describes how you can tune the Gravwell system’s consumption of system resources.

Webserver Renderer Storage#

Render modules such as chart and table store their results on-disk on the webserver. Depending on the search, the results may consume significant amounts of disk space. To prevent users from filling up the disk with over-large queries, use the Render-Store-Limit parameter in the webserver’s gravwell.conf file. Setting Render-Store-Limit=64, for instance, would set a limit of 64 MB of on-disk storage per query.

Limiting Gravwell Resource Size#

User-created resources can take up a lot of space on disk, on both the webserver and the indexers. The Resource-Max-Size parameter in gravwell.conf specifies a limit, in bytes, for resource size. Thus, setting Resource-Max-Size=20971520 will limit resources to no more than 20 megabytes.