Installation Checklists#

Single-Node Checklist#

This checklist gives a general order of operation for configuring a single-node, standalone Gravwell instance. Refer to the Quickstart for additional step-by-step instructions.

□ Install Gravwell via self-extracting installer, Debian/Redhat package, or Docker container (see Quickstart).

□ Verify firewall rules allow incoming traffic on ports used by Gravwell.

□ Use a web browser to access the new Gravwell instance, e.g., and upload your license file when prompted.

□ Login as “admin”, password “changeme”. Change the default admin password by clicking user icon in upper right.

□ Configure any additional storage wells if desired. (See Gravwell configuration and detailed configuration parameters documentation)

□ Set up ageout on your wells to avoid running out of disk space.

□ Optional: configure TLS for user access and ingester connections.

Configure ingesters to bring data into Gravwell.